WWII Album

A collection of
photographs by
George Stoner
104 (EY) Regt RHA

album album
Each image is a page from the album with several photos, and some postcards and cuttings are also included. More than 200 photographs form a travelogue through North Africa, Italy, and Austria, with some of army personnel.
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1 Lebanon, Beirut St George's Cathedral, Place de L'Etoile304KB
2Lebanon, BeirutPlace des Martyrs361KB
3Lebanon, BeirutThe Bazaar, Petit Serail, Grand Serail298KB
4Lebanon, BeirutRue Weygand, Racecourse, Hotel St Georges309KB
5Lebanon, Beirut 338KB
6Lebanon, BeirutAvenue des Francais, Au Liberateurs de la Syrie et du Libane ..298KB
7Lebanon, BeirutPigeon Rocks313KB
8Lebanon, BeirutAmerican University315KB
9Lebanon, BeirutB.H.Q., cooks, After dinner conference - Jack Jenner & McCaffrey, Views from B.H.Q. roof, roof top dining hall298KB
10Lebanon, BeirutNicol "Charlie" and ration cart, Horse transport - French Colonial troops, Rue Mazra288KB
11Lebanon, Beirut 213KB
12blank page  
13LebanonThe Cedars of Lebanon307KB
14Lebanon 335KB
15Lebanonnear Broumana, Damour366KB
16blank page  
17BedouinsCake seller, Camels filling station, Moslem holiday344KB
18SundryMoslem at prayer, a Moslem interior, Wedding camels287KB
19Egypt 313KB
20EgyptCairo main station, The Citadel Cairo, Sweetwater Canal, Sinai Desert283KB
21EgyptMENA conference Dec 43, view from BHQ lat, BHQ at Misr studios, Suez Aug '43249KB
22Egypt, Sakkharastep pyramid, tomb of Scared Bull, tomb of TT347KB
23Egypt, Memphisalabaster sphinx of Rameses II, statue of Rameses II, washing day - Wadi Natrun Oct '42281KB
24Egypt, AlexandriaSherif Pasha Street, Mohamed Aly Square, bathing beach, Stanley Bay Beach, Ramleh Station, The Cornich East Harbour353KB
25Egypt, AlexandriaThe Cornich, modern Alex, King's Palace - Ras el Tin, Greek hospital296KB
26blank page  
27Libyadesert signs of the times, view from Battery office at Benina (Benghazi)481KB
28Tripolitania/Tunisia"about the Marble Arch", washing day, Medenine, La Skira391KB
29PalestineLake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee), Safad, coast road near Saida (Sidon)256KB
30PalestineGaza - end of day's run, Hadera, approaching Hadera, houses at Gaza, approaching Lebanon/Palestine border at Nqura275KB
31PalestineBHQ Quiryat Hayim March 1944, BHQ and SGT's Mess at Azzib, May 1944348KB
32Palestineat Kefr Yona Oct '43253KB
33JerusalemJerusalem and Mount of Olives, Arch of Ecce Homo - Via Dolorosa, Temple area, Dome of the Rock, YMCA362KB
34JerusalemCitadel St David's Tower, Golden gate, Crusader belfry and Olivet, Damascus Gate, Gethsemane328KB
35JerusalemChurch of St Mary Magdalene, Gethsemane, Wailing Wall, Rockefeller Archeological Museum312KB
36Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre Crusader facade, Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, Easter crowds awaiting Holy Fire, Chapel of the Angels - Angels' Stone383KB
37Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre Chapel of the Nailing to the Cross, Chapel of the Raising of the Cross, Stone of Unction, Greek Cathedral 'The Catholican', Chapel of St Helena (oldest part of church)348KB
38blank page  
39Damascus, Syria 270KB
40DamascusDoummar camp, the road to the camp, 'not the way to deliver welfare kit to the office' 293KB
41DamascusRiver Barada beside road to camp270KB
42blank page  
43Baalbek, SyriaJupiter and Bacchus Temples, Temple of Venus, The 6 Columns of Jupiter, entrance of Temple of Bacchus, the Giant Monolith, general view of Baalbek353KB
44Baalbekthe 'Arabic' mosque, southern columns of Bacchus Temple, a torn off capitol, portal ornaments of bacchus temple364KB
45ItalyTaranto - Ponte girevole semiaperto, Taranto - Palazzo del Governo and Lungomare Vittorio Emanuele341KB
46ItalyFigline Valdarno - Piazza Stanislao Morolli297KB
47ItalyRiccione March '45228KB
48Italy, Senio April '45'A' Troop moving in, camouflaging guns, some of 'A' Troop, 'A' Troop cooks285KB
49Italy, Senio April '45 257KB
50ItalySenio barrage April 9th255KB
51Italy 288KB
52Italy 259KB
53ItalyUdine occupied266KB
54Italyapproaching Austria225KB
55Austriapostcards Feldkirchen, Karnten359KB
56Austriapostcards(?)Ossiacher See und Kanzelbahn330KB
57AustriaRHQ Feldkirchen 104 (EY) REGT RHA, Mercury Arms (signals canteen), Ossiacher See, from Kanzelbahn295KB
58AustriaBattery Sergeants' Mess July '45333KB
59AustriaOssiacher See Steindorf, in mess at Halleg, Halleg253KB
60Austria, Schloss Halleg 235KB
61AustriaGau Karnten: Tauernbahn (Dosenviadukt gegen Polinik)338KB
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