Advanced Shipping

This article does not address Standard shipping.

Shipping - Where? - What? - How?

Where and What Do I Define?

For Mal's cart, Advanced shipping is mainly defined from the Admin page.


In some cases you also need to define a 'units' value for each product which, for example, might be the weight. This is defined with your other product definitions.

In Admin

You will be defining one or more zones (up to 20), each containing one or more options (up to 6).

The customer will first choose a zone, using your zone name or indirectly by geography, then with the cost of each option in the zone.

In an option you define the basis for charging shipping. For each option you can also define an order value above which shipping will be free, and minimum and maximum charges. 'Free shipping' when applicable would override the minimum.

The charging bases are:

  1. fixed charge for the order
  2. based on a shipper's rates calculator
  3. based on the total quantity of products in the order
  4. based on the value of the order

    If migrating from standard shipping, note that the noship facility of standard shipping which excludes a product's cost from the total is not available. The units basis can be used. More work!

  5. based on the total sum of units posted in with your products

One zone can include several different charging bases. For example, one option might be a fixed charge for local pick up, a second might be USPS Priority, and a third USPS First Class.

Option Tables

If you have an option that does not use a calculator, and is not a fixed charge, you will be defining one or more rows in a table

For more on how to achieve different results see Advanced Shipping Examples.

Defining Zones, Options, and Rate Tables

Defining Zones

Only one zone will be used for a given order. How is it chosen? The customer may be shown your zone name list, or geographical dropdown menus which are linked to your zones.

At the time of writing I have no idea how it all works if you check more than one box and I don't have time to experiment just now. Feedback welcomed!

Countries List

The way to actually limit shipping destinations appears to be Cart setup / Customize / Language, Country & Currency / using the Countries List there or a custom version

List of US States and Canadian Provinces.

If the majority of your customers are in North America and multiple zones apply you may want to use this list. There's a checkbhox causing Canadian Provinces to come in the list before US States.

You can select a specific zone from the dropdown for each state name, or Exclude.

List of your zone names

Ensure your zone names make the choice obvious.

Defining Options

If you are only using calculator based charges, go to USING CALCULATORS below.

Defining Rate Tables

Remember to 'Submit' to save your setup.


A warning. I'm not in a position to use any of the calculators!


Feedback welcomed to